Lagooner Outdoors is an extension of family that grew up in Central Florida and is attempting to guide others (“others” meaning you) to outdoor activities their our area.

Our goal and objectives are simple;  Connecting people in Central Florida thru outdoor activities.  It’s as simple as that, whether you hike, bike, canoe, hunt, fish or camp, we are here to inform our readers to what is available and possibly become a connecting point to meeting other people with like values and interest.

How do we do this?  We are in the process of recruiting experts and professionals in each outdoor activity.  We hope to utilize these people to inform and educate their readers while pushing them to each experience.

If you’re an expert/professional in each activity please feel free to contact us and we’ll make you a moderator of that particular field of expertise.

If you are a member or leader of a trail biking club and want to attract new members or organize events, we can make you a moderator of that activity where you can post ideas, concepts, events and educate people on the advantages of Trail Biking.

Many of you are coming to the Orlando area to venture outdoors instead of the typical theme park and amusement rides.  Lagooner Outdoors is attempting to inform our visitors of the vast amounts of opportunities for people who would like to reach out beyond the fantasyland and “adventure parks” and take a day to do something different.

East of Orlando has a massive maze of saltwater lagoons, rivers and lakes bounded with recreational and wildlife management areas offering varieties of outdoors activities.  We are going to attempt to categorize and define the best outdoor adventures so that you can embark on an adventure and possibly meet some local experts.